Tagasiside või küsimus

International English Summer Camp 2024 august in Estonia

Why come to our camp?
  • Activities take place amidst nature, and we spend almost the entire camp outdoors, unless the weather forces us inside;
  • Finding new friends and building friendships;
  • Exciting themes and a developmental schedule provided by our camp leaders;
  • Developing entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, and independence through camp activities.
  • A camp of moderate size. We can notice and engage;
  • Good food! Campers have been satisfied with the cafeteria meals;


 Child's first and last name

 Child's date of birth. We need this when planning the child's place to stay in the same camping house as his age and gender peers. (YYYY-MM-DD)


The child's interests/expectations for the camp. We use this information to plan and tailor camp activities to children's interests.

 The first and last name of the parent/guardian (if it is not the same, also add the name of the person paying for the camp place in parentheses). For example: Marta McCallister (paid by Steven McCallister)

 Parent/guardian email address. Here we send the document confirming the reservation of the camp site and the payment and additional information about the camp)

 Parent/guardian's phone number. We need this to contact you about camp-related topics while the child is at the camp.

 Name of municipality where you stay or live (we use it to make statistics and, with consent, to bring parents together on topics related to transport)

 Choose which mode of transport the child will use to come to the camp and whether it is possible to bring other children from the neighborhood to the camp if you arrive by car

What languages child speaks at conversational level? (we could prepare and organize children to same room if they speak the same language - it's easier to make a friend this way)

Does the child have any food intolerances or allergies? We need to know them in order to take the child into account when feeding.

Additional information, i.e. everything that the camp instructors should be aware of during the child's stay in the camp in order to better support the child. (Be sure to write here the child's behavioral characteristics, such as ATH. You can also add a request if the child wants to stay in the same room with someone in particular, etc.)

 I have read InterEST camp regulations and introduced them to my child.

 To reserve a camping spot, choose the payment type and after pressing the "register" button, you will be redirected to the payment page.